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Google Tasks on STEROIDS and on your Android tablet!

Platinum Tasks is an advanced task manager (to do list) to help you easily manage your day to day activities through a beautifully-designed, intuitive interface optimised for Android tablets (3.0+), ensuring that you will never miss another business meeting, birthday, anniversary, or even forget the milk! Syncs with your Google Tasks in Gmail account or Google Apps account so your to do list is always up-to-date.

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With Platinum Tasks you can:
• Easily create one off or recurring tasks, from daily chores to yearly reminders of birthdays & anniversaries.
• Label your tasks according to preset categories such as Work, Meetings and Personal with a simple drag & drop interface. You can even create your own custom labels!
• Create complex projects containing multiple tasks, with set time limits & deadlines.
• Filter items by time, name and label, or search to quickly find a specific task.
• Archive and un-archive completed tasks using the drag & drop interface.
• Customise the look of your interface by choosing from five different colour themes.
• Synchronise your Google Tasks task list automatically so you're always up-to-date, whether on your computer or your Android Tablet.
• View your tasks without even launching the app using the widget included. (expandable for Android 3.1+)

The great drag-and-drop functionality you're used to with the Gmail application has been implemented in Platinum Tasks so you can easily drag & drop any task from one label into another and archive (or unarchive) tasks by doing the same - it makes managing your tasks SO EASY!

Tasks can also be synchronised with Google Tasks (just link your account on the settings page) so everything is backed up in the cloud and you have peace of mind that you're not going to lose things.

We're constantly improving this app so if you have any suggestions or recommendations on what you'd like added (or removed), please contact us on and we'll certainly take it on board.

Work is being done right now on upcoming releases which will include:
- Remove requirement to assign date/time to tasks
- Allow changing of icons associated with labels
- Set sync interval
- One-click archiving of completed tasks
- Fix widget displaying tasks in incorrect order
- Export task lists & MUCH more.

Q: My tasks won't sync to/from Google Tasks
A: This is usually because they haven't been allocated a due date in Google Tasks. To fix this, go into Google Tasks & assign due dates to your tasks. Open Platinum Tasks and if they haven't automatically synced, go to the settings tab & click the sync button again & they should all sync across.

Q: Does Platinum Tasks support Google Apps accounts?
A: Yes, version 0.6 added support for Google Apps accounts.

Q: How do I archive tasks or move assign them to different labels?
A: Simply long-press on the task (press & hold down until the task appears to lift off) & then physically drag it across to the archives section (or the label you would like to allocate it to) & the task will be archived or added to the label.

Q: How do I unarchive a task?
A: Simply go to the archives tab, find the task you're looking for & drag it across to whichever label you would like to allocate it to.

Q: When are tasks synced?
A: Every time the application start all tasks are synced - you will see a "Syncing Tasks" status appear on the initial screen when you start the application

Q: What if I want to sync my tasks NOW & not wait until I restart the application?
A: Go to the settings section and click the sync icon underneath the accounts section (bottom left icon that looks like a chain linked together) & your tasks will sync immediately.

Looking for Google Tasks, Gtasks, Wunderlist or a great task manager or to do list to help manage your tasks for today, tomorrow or one day, well Platinum Tasks will help with getting things done on your Honeycomb tablet.

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